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*Signature Best Selling e-Book – 306 pages
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*Most comprehensive book of its’ kind, regardless of level
*We have cracked the code to human emotions and social intelligence
*Thousands of students world-wide, real results, the system is real.
*Gambits, techniques to getting women, and anything in life
*Includes “Kiss the girl” by mPUA Lovedrop $79 value



The most comprehensive and literal interpretation of the Mystery Method ever put into 1 readable online format. Learn the method step-by-step, meaning-by-meaning as LoveDrop details the mind of this master of pickup. Over 300 professionally edited pages covering topics ranging from Openers, Kino, Grooming, Group Theory and overall way of being. The biggest complaint we get is that “There is TOO much information” go figure.

Revelation is the flagship product and official company Bible for It includes contributions from Mystery, author of The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed, Matador, his co-star on VH1’s The Pick-up Artist, and their partner Lovedrop.

Comparing Revelation to The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed, Lovedrop said:

Revelation is a deep exploration of the same subject matter [as The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed] but Revelation is a completely different book. It contains very subtle, deep and high content and is meant to be taken in over time. I use it for training instructors. It is also more comprehensive than the first book, it’s up-to-date, and better captures the essence and nuance of Mystery’s game. Revelation will serve, long into the future, as the official company bible here at Venusian Arts. The form of the book is like a grimoire. (A spellbook.)
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*** Each package below includes a bonus e-book “Kiss the Girl” by mPUA Lovedrop $79 value ***

From Mystery
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

You’ve likely seen me on VH1’s The Pick Up Artist, you may have read about me in Neil Strauss’ best- selling book The Game . . .Or perhaps you’ve heard the rumors and want to know the truth behind the fast-paced, sometimes twisted world of a Venusian Artist.

But more on that in a minute . . .

The one thing I get asked more than anything else is what a “night in the life of Mystery” is like, so just take a minute to sit back and come behind-the-scenes and see how I roll with my crew . . .

It All Starts About 11:30pm As My Entourage Arrives At The Club

My entourage is composed of several of my closest friends, as well as other beautiful women we’ve brought with us. Now if you don’t have many friends, much less roll with any women, don’t worry – I’m going to show you exactly how to make that happen.On the rare occasion I happen to arrive without a girl on my arm, I’ll always do an approach while we’re waiting for our table to be set up. One of the most important things I’ve discovered in my 10 years of meeting and attracting women is . . .

How To Completely Take Over a Room The Moment You Step Foot In It

You see, everything I’ve done up until this point – my choice of wardrobe and accessories (or “peacocking,” for those of you familiar with some of the Venusian Arts’ terminology), my entourage, and the woman or two hanging on my arms as I walk into the club are all designed for one thing:

To capture the attention of the entire room and focus it all on me.

(And that’s just a tiny sample of what I’m about to show you how to do) . . .

Imagine Having Women Fight Over The Chance to Meet YOU

Sounds crazy, right? Ten years ago, I’d have thought the same thing . . . You see, because of the level of social proof I’ve established, I often have women come up and approach me, trying to win over my attention and affections.

The women I’ve brought with me into the club are there for one reason – to drive the other women in the club into jealous fits, wanting to meet and spend time with me. And I’ll play one off the other throughout the whole night, all to work my way up to the woman I really want, the hottest and most exclusive one, and have her itching to get more intimate with me.

It doesn’t matter what it is I’m looking for – a few new friends, a new girlfriend, or just a new girlfriend for the evening – Each and every time I go out, I get what I want.


Making some new friends in Chicago . . . But It Wasn’t Always This Way For Me . . .

I was a late bloomer – Ten years ago, I was a skinny punk kicking my way around Toronto. Frustrated with a life that was basically devoid of women, I started taking the bus into the city day after day, approaching women on the street.The rejections weren’t easy, but I developed a mindset that it was just like a video game and if your “man” died, then you just started over again. Weeks and then months went by, and slowly a pattern began to emerge . . .

All Social Interactions Are Not Chance, But a Result of Evolutionary Psychology!

Through trial and error, I began to slowly unravel social communication, reverse engineering male/female interaction as we know it. The more approaches I made, the more I started to see universal signs of interest, disinterest, attraction, and desire.

While women, and people in general, may have different personalities, underneath is a subset of learned behaviors that are a direct result of tens of thousands of years of evolutionary thought and progress. I was about to . . .

Discover The Secrets to Flipping The Attraction Switches in Any Woman, Taking You From Loser to Lothario

For the first time ever in my life, I had the choice of meeting any woman that I wanted to and within just minutes hooking her in and having her begging for more.

Once you understand the keys to social mastery, you can literally create your own reality – choosing the crowd you roll with, the women you meet, the women you attract, and even on what terms you want to see them.

What if You Could Acquire The Combined Knowledge of the Worlds’ Greatest Venusian Artists, Short-cutting Your Success With Women?


Although you may have first seen Matador and I on VH1, and you may not have met Lovedrop yet, we’ve been in The Game for nearly 10 years each, working off of each other and masterminding, reverse engineering human emotions and social intelligence.

In particular, our latest achievement of microcalibration (being able to finesse our game in the middle of an interaction, depending on the subtle nuances and reactions we received) has taken both ourselves’ and our clients’ abilities to near-clairvoyant levels.

And that’s where you come in. You see, I’ve already done all of the work for you, and I want to offer you the chance to pick my brain, taking all of my combined knowledge and experiences over the past 10 years of The Game and make them your own . . .

Introducing Revelation, The Thesis of Three of the Greatest Venusian Artists the World Has Ever Seen


Here’s a Sample of What Revelation is Going to do For You . . .

  • Survival and Replication Value – Once you understand how men and women have beenengineered to respond, this will lay the groundwork for your newfound Venusian Arts mastery. (Pages 1-21)
  • The 5 primary emotions you must instill in a woman before you can ever hope to begin a sexual relationship with her. (Pages 24-25)
  • How to set the vibe in your house for her maximum comfort (photos included) – Get this right and she’ll never want to leave . . . Get it wrong, and she’ll be running for the door! (Pages 34-36)
  • The 8 visual clues, 6 behavioral clues, and 4 social cues that every woman is biologically programmed to screen for. These are the keys to establishing attraction, compliance, and desire with a woman! (Pages 38-40)
  • How these 6 elements of connection will create an instant, unbreakable bond with her, pumping her body full of emotions for you. (Pages 41-42)
  • How to confide in her, creating your own “us vs. them universe,” taking your vulnerabilities and making them attractive, rather than turning her off. (Page 50)
  • The “Mystery Classic Newbie Drill” – Guaranteed to help you meet 48 women this week. That’s over 200 women in a single month! (Page 76)
  • Building your avatar – Coming into your own with a unique, attractive physical appearance that’ll leave her begging to touch you. (Pages 77-80)
  • The 4 tribal leader characteristics her subconscious is always qualifying men for. These 4 factors of how you treat yourself and the company you keep will determine your ultimate success or failure in attracting her. (Page 103)
  • One of the most common mistakes (only behind not approaching at all) is showing interest too soon – It lowers your value and alerts her that you may be looking for something. Discover how to easily recover from this potential pitfall and save the interaction! (Pages 109-110)
  • How the Roll-off is like a neg without words, and how utilizing it will send a shockwave down her spine, causing a knee-jerk reaction to win you over. (Page 118)
  • The 9 approach guidelines to get you into the set, nearly every single time. How to fly in under the radar and snatch the group’s attention! (Pages 148-150)
  • Want to know how I open a set? Hint: It’s not opinion openers. Discover my personal method for starting an interaction and how it lays the groundwork for curiosity and attraction, and the 6 hidden keys behind what I’m doing. (Pages 150-153)
  • Find out how she’ll test you to see if you’re the real deal – Keep your cool here and you’re in. Lose it, and she’ll throw you in the “friends zone” with all of the other weak men. (Page 182)
  • 5 easy steps to add value and take the dominant role – How to lead her in fun games thatamp up her attraction to you and escalate towards sexual tension. (Pages 184-186)
  • 5 step-by-step instructions to creating your own highly effective storylines. Canned material is a great way to get into The Game, but in order to truly master it you must discover how to become completely congruent, using your own stories from your own life to win her over (Pages 194-199)
  • The 11 waypoints of group theory – These are the 11 events that MUST occur in each group set in order to move from introduction to seduction. Uncover these, and never get lost in an interaction again (know exactly how to escalate forward!) (Pages 233-234)
  • The 5 common sticking points of isolation, and how to overcome them. These are the 5 most common points at which aspiring Venusian Artists tend to get stuck in the interaction, and how to make sure you blow through these sticking points in the future! (Pages 252-253)

*** Each package below includes a bonus e-book “Kiss the Girl” by mPUA Lovedrop $79 value ***

Make Your Selection

And that’s just a taste of what’s in store for you . . .

Imagine Having the Confidence to Approach at Will, No Matter How Large the Group, Choosing the Woman You Want – And On YOUR Terms!

Revelation is a complete paradigm shift – You will not think about social interactions the same way again, ever.

Whether you’re approaching a set of two women, a mixed group, or even doing a presentation at work,Revelation gives you the savvy and social know-how to instantly conect and form bonds, transforming you into the bright star that the room revolves around.

Take a moment and think about what success with women means to you . . .

Maybe you’re looking for a little fun, or perhaps you’re looking for something more long term . . .

. . . Hell, maybe you’re like I was, and your social dance card barely has a mark on it, and you’re not even sure what it is that you’re looking for . . .

No matter what your long term relationship goal is, Revelation will give you the keys to reach it – The only thing that matters is that you’re ready to stop getting what you’ve always gotten, and take action.

“What Makes Revelation Different From Any of Your Other Programs?”

As I mentioned earlier, our understanding of The Game has evolved over time, and Revelationrepresents the most up-to-date understanding available. Also, being co-authored by myself, Lovedrop, and Madator, it contains the combined wisdom of the Venusian Arts’ trifecta.

Another way to look at is is that our previous program focused only on my teachings, whereas this one really captures the presence and personality that I convey while in the field.

And unlike The Pick-Up Artist TV show on VH1, which focused mostly on the use of canned material, peacocking, and negs, Revelation reveals our practical emphasis on vibe, delivery, humor, microcalibration, and value switches.


But Wait, That’s Not All…

You’ll also a bonus ebooks:

  • (1) The Kiss the Girl e-book — It contains my entire method for physical escalation… from that first touch… to kiss… all the way to the bedroom, in excruciating detail.

“Ok ok, Mystery, So How Much is Revelation Going to be?”

How much is discovering your unlimited potential for success with women worth to you?

You might already know that our “bootcamps” (live events) currently sell for $3497 per person.

You may not know, but I’ve even received offers of up to $10,000 for one-night, in-field intensive training.

But you’re not going to pay anything close to that!

In order to make Revelation available for any man looking for breakthrough success with women, we’ve decided to offer Revelation for just $97.

Here’s exactly what that means for you:

For less than the cost of a weekend out on the town, you’re going to uncover ten solid years worth of the studying of social dynamics and creating attraction and desire, short-cutting your way to the true success with women that you deserve. Remember, you’re getting:

  • Revelation — 300+ pages and in full-color.
  • Kiss the Girl — All of our secrets of physical escalation, unveiled.

Want to Get Started Right Now?
No Problem . . .

Revelation is offered as a digital product (with an option to get the printed hardcopy, after you buy the ebook), which means that you’ll receive instant, immediate access to it upon acceptance of your information.

That means that you can put Revelation to work for you right now, and start enjoying success with women this weekend!

*** Each package below includes a bonus e-book “Kiss the Girl” by mPUA Lovedrop $79 value ***

Readers rave for Revelation:

“I am reading Revelation now and the calibre of the material is truly incredible. Amazing job.”–latinguy, Venusian Arts Forum

“I loved every moment of this. Changed my game in ways that I can’t even describe. Changed my life really.”

–zine, Venusian Arts Forum

“Revelation kicks ass. There’s so much information on there it’s insane. I really like how it’s set up to be a reference book so where you can just turn the page to whatever you want to read and you don’t have to read all of the preceding chapters. Great work VA!”

–Maverick69, Venusian Arts Forum

“First impression, I am speechless and totally blown away, the difference in my game is immediately apparent…This is quite simply the best book on sarging that I have ever read…I do have a lot of infield experience but this book had a few points which made everything sort of slot into place in my head. I went out straight away and ran better game than I ever have before. Focusing on body rocking and microcalibration as it’s explained in Revelation had a marked improvement. It was sort of like the first time I heard about negs and went out using them infield, the change was phenomenal.”

–Revel, Venusian Arts Forum

“Hands down – ‘Revelation’ is a great book. I would recommend it to everyone who’s searching for a complete guide to improve your game with women. VA did a great job putting all the stuff together. The book is easy to understand and full of examples. The Ghost & the Flame concept is great…the style of writing is straight to the point – The ‘disinterest’ chapter is great, with many examples, so is ‘sound bites’ and ‘Women explained’ and the AMOG-chapter. Final note: 300 pages full of great advice. The book is more than worth the money. In contrast to other guides that focus on theory too much, ‘Revelation’ has examples that you can use in field and that really work.”

–VelvetSky, Venusian Arts Forum


P.S. Remember, Revelation is the sum of 10 years worth of attraction mastery, and most completely represents my current understanding of The Game – and you can’t find this anywhere else.

I’ve made it available in a digital format (with an option to get the printed hardcopy, after you buy the ebook) so that you can unlock the secrets to unlimited possibilities in your life and the women you choose to invite into it right now.

Short, fat, skinny, or bald – it doesn’t matter. Once you understand the fundamentals of Revelation, you’ll see that attraction truly is not a choice, and you’ll become the master of your destiny, armed with attraction-at-will.

*** Each package below includes a bonus e-book “Kiss the Girl” by mPUA Lovedrop $79 value ***




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